Harley-Davidson Live to Ride Collector's Edition Monopoly Board Game

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Played like the classic Monopoly game that encourages players to read, perform math calculations using play money, and cooperate by trading property, this version promotes players to use risk-taking, decision-making strategy and thinking skills as they buy, sell and trade renowned Harley bikes and pick up exotic custom gas tanks. Features include detailed graphics of America's scenic highways, byways, and backroads and collectible pewter tokens such as the Evolution Engine, the 2000 Softail Deuce, 1903 H-D bike and the eagle.

Harley-Davidson Live to Ride Collector's Edition Monopoly Board Game - USAopoly
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The ultimate board game and a must have collectible for the Harley-Davidson enthusiast, this game incorporates buying, selling and trading the all-time greatest motorcycles in a quest to own the most legendary bikes in Harley-Davidson history. Hit the highway with Mr. MONOPOLY and outmaneuver your opponents so that you can own the ultimate Harley-Davidson® collection. Live to Ride...and Ride to Live. Nothing can compare with the freedom of riding a Harley down America's scenic highways, byways and spectacular backroads. Now you can experience that same sensation without even riding the motorcycle. Play the all-new Harley-Davidson edition of the Monopoly Game. America's favorite board game is a motorcycle-lover's dream come true! Buy renowned Harley bikes, purchase rare Harley collector items and pick up exotic custom gas tanks. Build garages and run dealerships as you create a Harley-Davidson empire! Game includes: game board, property cards, custom Harley-Davidson money and banker's tray, custom Adventure and Freedom cards, 2 custom dice, package of 32 garages, package of 12 dealerships, and 8 custom pewter game tokens.

Advance your Evolution engine token to Custom Paint Shop; do not pass "GO"; do not collect $200. And so it is with the game of Monopoly: Harley-Davidson Live To Ride Edition, the classic real estate trading game in a customized version that successfully melds Parker Brothers with Pascal Picotte. Game play is the same as the traditional version--buying, selling, and collecting rents on properties and enhancing their value by erecting various structures--but this game board features Harley collectibles and the structures are garages and dealerships (the Live To Ride version of houses and hotels). Income Tax becomes a Toll Road, and Boardwalk and Park Place give way to the 2000 Softail Deuce and the 1903 serial No. 1 bike models. Free Parking and Go To Jail retain their 1935 graphics--and free parking for your hog is always good. --Tony Mason

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this is a good buy, price is reasonableand its a great gift for someone who owns a harlely, as it provides more info on the models and ranges..

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