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This is a re-engineered model of the classic "Big Wheel (Marx Toys). The frame is made of steel compared to the all-plastic predecessor. The front tire is flared and made of rubber while the rear tires are plastic for skidding. A hand brake is now included and, along with the seat, can be adjusted as a child grows. The axle serves as a standing bar for kickstarting. Any child riding on this toy should wear a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads for safety reasons. Riding alone promotes gross motor skills and exercise using hand-eye cordination and visual stimulation. Racing against others fosters self-challenge, social interaction and team play. As with all riding toys, appropriate pavement and caution should be used while riding.

Razor Scream Machine - Razor USA LLC
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Package Dimensions:
9.3 (inches)
28.1 (inches)
22.2 (pounds)
20.1 (inches)

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Satisfy your little thrill seeker with the Scream Machine by Razor. The freewheel system offers incredible coasting speeds while the back tires offer an impressive skid. Durable and long-lasting, it features a TIG-welded hi-tensile steel frame and fork. The seat and aluminum alloy handbrakes are fully adjustable, offering a perfect fit for the rider. Other features include comfortable rubber grips, "airfoil" rear axle, resin pedals with 1/2" shaft, hi-impact injection-molded front wheel, super-impact, blow-molded rear wheels, 3-pc. aluminum alloy crank and more. Made in USA. 40Hx31Wx23D". The purchaser and rider of this scooter are responsible for knowing and obeying all local, state and federal regulations regarding the riding and use of this scooter.

Basically a re-tooled Big-Wheel, the Scream Machine has flash, speed, and maneuverability, but with the control and stability younger kids need. It has two fat, plastic rear wheels for maximum skid. The front, though, features a large traction tire that must be inflated. The tire is rubber because of the Scream Machine’s V-type brakes, which are operated from BMX-style, gripped handle bars. These brakes makes it much safer--especially on downhill runs--than bikes with the foot brakes. Leg room is adjusted by sliding the bucket seat forward or back. The shiny frame, with shocks, is made of high-tensile steel that won’t rust or wear out after the first year. It has to be completely assembled by adults, however. To that end, a detailed instruction book and tools, including a wrench and Allen screwdriver, are included. --Diane Beall

  • Seat and handbrakes adjust for a perfect fit
  • Hi-traction front wheel makes gaining speed easy
  • Super-impact blow-molded rear wheels
  • 3-pc. aluminum alloy crank
  • Hi-tensile, TIG-welded steel frame and fork

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Helpful Votes:
I got my son (5) a Big Wheel last year, he loved it so much he burned flat spots and wore through the front wheel..so a few months ago, I was searching for something a bit more durable..and voila, THE RAZOR SCREAM MACHINE! I bought mine gently used, for I could not find one online for under $100 + shipping..This is ride-on is awesome, my son can do complete 360's, it is stable, does not tip like the Big Wheel did and has a real rubber tire in the front that can be changed out, the rear wheel displacement is wide and low, this makes it so stable. The front wheel drive has bearings..you stop with the bicycle style hand brake..Steel tube construction..heavy duty plastic seat..this is the cream of the crop for 3 wheel fun..your child will do best if they are at least 46 inches tall, so I would recommend the age be 5-9..Well I have rambled on enough, this is awesome, durable and parts are not expensive..
Helpful Votes:
We purchased a scream machine for my oldest son in 2001 when he was five years old. He absolutely loved the thing. He rode it for about 3 or 4 years (until we FORCED him to give it up and learn to ride a bike). It stood up very well to all of his 'roughness'. Eventually one of the plastic tires did crack - but with all that he and the neighborhood boys did to it, that was to be expected. Even after the 'blow out' they continued to ride it and it was fine. lol We are now purchasing another one for my 4.5 yr old son for Christmas and can't wait to get it!! I'm sure he will love it as much as my first son did.
Helpful Votes:
We bought this bike last year for our 5 year old son. He loves it! Even the older kids in the neighborhood like to ride it. Give it a try!
Helpful Votes:
I bought this a little over a year ago for my son who is 6yrs now. He still loves it. Others say you cannot use a regular bicycle pump but if you know what your doing (yes you can), I'm a women and I can do it. I think this bike is made very well and the quality is great. I have never had to buy any parts for this big wheel. I bought may son also the Huffy Green Machine and he rode it for a while but keeps going back to the scream machine. I'm thinking about buying the Scream Machine Shredder as well for this XMAS. Its kind of funny to see how fast a little kid can go on this thing. I would recommend this product 100%.
Helpful Votes:
Wow! This bike looks nice [...] When assembled the neck was to tight to turn, the rear wheel was too tight and the peddle bearing races where too tight also. For $79.00 you should get more quality, but it does come from China. I have been able to free-up the various bearings [...]

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