April 05, 2016Toys for Spring 2016by Gekka

Spring is here! As the weather warms, getting kids outside usually isn’t a problem, but having a few choice toys to pick from can add fun options. Whether it’s the park, a school playground, or your own backyard, getting some fresh air and sunshine helps melt away the last of those winter blues. Here’s a few of our favorite toys to take outside.

Not really meant for playing in the house, the Stomp Rocket Jr. easily keeps kids entertained for an afternoon into the early evening. Jumping, stomping, and running after rockets is great exercise and will hopefully burn off any extra energy. As an added bonus, adults can take turns too, making it a wonderful family toy.

Be mindful of sudden winds, since climbing onto the roof to fetch the foam rockets gets old, fast.

Ages: 2+

Who says that outdoor toys have to focus on physical activity? Take a puzzle or brain-teaser outside and enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. Pack a light snack and some water and really make a treat out of it.

AnimaLogic’s solid wooden pieces keep them from blowing away in the breeze, but taking something to rest the game board on might be a good idea since it’s only cardboard, and Spring grass can be a little damp. 

Ages: 5+

We’re still not entirely sure exactly what a Bilibo is, but that hasn’t stopped kids from loving it. The extremely durable toy can float, be used for sand (or mud) castles, or act as a seat or tiny climbing mountain. Take it along on a trip to the park, and see what new uses for it kids can come up with. 

Great for improving balance!

Ages: 2+

Colorful pictures appearing on neighborhood sidewalks is a clear indication that Spring is well and truly here. Whether drawing pictures of animals and flowers, outlining game areas such as hop-scotch and 4-square, or writing cheerful notes to passersby, children can make creative art that lasts until the next rain.

This set from Crayola's Washable Sidewalk Chalk line has 48 different highly-pigmented colors, and typically doesn’t stain clothes or hands. The square shape helps keeps the chalk from rolling down the driveway. 

Ages: 4+

Essential to all outdoor adventures, sticks are one of the best toys that a child can get. An excellent toy for solo play, but also great for groups. Play a round of limbo or form a hop-scotch grid in the new grass.

Get A Stick and get creative.

Ages: Everyone 

An iconic outdoor toy, Nerf blasters have been launching little foam darts at friends and frenemies for over 40 years. Using these blasters indoors is all well and good, but playing outside allows room for all those cool looking dodging maneuvers.

The Strongarm Blaster from the N-Strike Elite series doesn’t have perfect accuracy, but it rarely jams and is easy to handle. Since it only loads six darts at a time, we recommend getting a refill pack for those afternoon long battles.

Ages: 8+

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