How to Suggest a Toy

Want to know more about a particular toy, or think you have a great toy other readers should know of? We happily accept suggestions for new toys to review, so long as a few criteria are met. 

(Are you a toy manufacturer looking to send us a toy to review? Please contact us!

What We Review:

Toys, figurines, puzzles (both flat and 3D), board games, baby toys, simple outdoor equipment, bug collecting kits, pool toys, bath toys (including those neat soaps that can be used like crayons in the tub), dress-up accessories, basic art and craft kits, and other items that are marketed as items for children to play with.

We’re pretty open. We even review things like sticks and cardboard boxes.

What We Don’t Review:

We will not review highly specialized items, such as professional art supplies or sports equipment. These kinds of items already have dedicated sites in which experienced users reviews products. We will not insult the expertise of those qualified reviewers by trying to lump together a lot of jargon that we may not fully understand.

We will not review video games, books, or movies, as these items are also going to be reviewed by many other sources out there.

We will not review collectibles, or other toys that are expressly linked to book or movie franchises. We may make an exception if the toy has qualities that make it stand out from non-franchise toys of a similar nature.

We reserve the right to turn down any suggestion we feel does not carry forward our vision and purpose.

How to Suggest a Toy for Review:

If you’ve got a toy you’d like us to investigate, send us an email at info@theguidefortoys.com with “Toy Submission” in the subject line. Please provide us a link to a website where the toy is being sold so we can make sure we’re looking at the one you’re thinking of. Also, tell us a little about what you think of the toy. Do you have questions about it? Have you heard good/bad things about it?

We’ll get back to you within a week!

Hearing from our readers makes our job more rewarding. We like knowing that we’re helping you find what you want, so please, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is a pretty friendly bunch.

We also accept ideas for blogs and articles, as well as tips you may have that we could add to any of our current writings. 



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